New quest system!

New progress quests for players at all levels: you can have up to 4 progress quests active at the same time. We have also introduced fame quests for more advanced players: they unlock at the endgame and reward fame points. 

New mythical artifact: Charming Adventure!

Reach stage 1650 to unlock this artifact, that uses your charm levels to boost your Adventure stats! 

New merchant items!

Two new merchant items have been permanently added to the game: Hero Relief and Berserker Potion. Hero Relief allows you to swap one hero for another mid-run, and Berserker Potion activates your hero ultimates automatically!

3 year anniversary event!

For the next week, special anniversary dragons will offer you bonuses. There are new outfits and a badge too! 

QoL and other changes

  • The game now remembers your team for all GoG gates
  • You can now open multiple trinkets
  • Added hero description to their ‘items’ page
  • Visual & bug fixes

Play & join the party now!

Check the full patch notes in our Reddit, and have fun!

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