Oy is a hero available to all players that reach stage 1360 in Almost a Hero. Here’s a closer look at his design process! 

The initial idea for Oy was ‘a Defender that can’t defend himself, and needs someone else to take the blows’. We started designing a tiny farmer kid and his scarecrow.

Once we found a design that worked, we started designing evolutions both for him and the scarecrow. It was important that the scarecrow also grew with Oy, to show that it is his other half (and takes half of his skill tree, after all). 

Parallel to his design, we also worked on how Oy’s skills should look like. In the beginning, his ultimate was going to summon traps, but they looked too noisy on the battlefield and they didn’t match the character’s concept. We then changed the traps to big, carnivorous flowers.

This had the advantage of making the one half of the skill tree that belongs to the kid revolve around plants, harvesting crops, and other farmer-related tasks. So while Strawman is busy protecting Oy, he’s tending his crops and feeding his allies. Such a nice kid! 

We adapted Oy’s design to ensure that it worked in animation. In particular, we simplified all his attack and casting animations, and coordinated them with the scarecrow moves.

Add R. Harrel’s voice and, lo and behold, a new (almost) hero has joined the party!


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