Collect pets!

Reach stage 1000 to unlock your first pet! You can equip up to 5 pets: each pet has a unique passive bonus, plus a special ability that activates from time to time to boost your team’s progress even further!

New game mode: Seasons!

After you unlock your first pet, you can play the Seasons mode to collect even more! Each Season has 4 featured pets and 5 challenges with unique effects: your team has a limited amount of ‘lives’ and when a hero dies, a life is lost. The goal is to go as far as you can on each challenge to unlock all the rewards! 

Be fast!

Seasons only last a week: after 7 days, the Season will end and a new one will start. Featured pets will change with each season, so be sure to get the ones you like most on each season or you’ll have to wait for them to appear again! 

New mythical artifacts 

Added three mythical artifacts (Nature’s Shelter, Nature’s Fury and Nature’s guidance) 

QoL and other changes

  • New icons to show who deals each blow to the enemies
  • New mine levels
  • New levels for some mythical artifacts & improved speed for Lazy Finger
  • New hints for quests
  • Visual & bug fixes

Play & join the party now!

Check the full patch notes in our Reddit, and have fun! 

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