Nanna is a hero available to all players that reach stage 900 in Almost a Hero. Here’s a closer look at her design process! 

We wanted to design someone that could heal. Personality plays a great role in how we design our characters, both in their skills and in their looks, so we started to design from the concept ‘trusting healer’.

Those were maybe too nice for an Almost Hero, so we went back to the drawing board with the ‘nice and lovely’ idea in mind. And we got the first idea close enough to what Nanna would end up being: a very old lady with a huge pot of soup.

But, if she was going to get everyone behind her, she needed to be big enough. And, lo and behold, our Nanna is born!

We reworked all evolutions to make them work better in movement: 

Here you can see some of the initial moves we discarded, because it was too confusing. And here you can see her final moves (the cup of tea one is our favorite). The amazing lines from Inrezairo gave her the final touch of lovable dangerousness!

Hope you liked our small insight into the main design challenges for Almost a hero’s broth-loving old lady!


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